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I ordered over $1,000 of large tile and it came shipped on a plastic wrapped pallet in excellent condition. Upon inspecting the pallet and the boxes with the driver all looked fine.

I even gave them a good review originally. The tiles were large and there were about 12 boxes in total 5 tiles per box all strapped together for support. Upon laying the tile, my contractor got to the 6th box sandwiched in the middle of the other boxes and every tile in the box was cracked in exactly the same place, but the box was intact except for a small quarter sized whole in the front. This small puncture was impossible to see, the rest of the box was in pristine condition and they were too heavy to unstrap for fear they would fall over and break.

the tiles were shipped broken. I contacted the company and since it was past 30 days they said too bad. I wanted the tiles here in plenty of time, and i assumed the any damage would be done in shipping, not prior. in good faith I would think the company would have taken care of $65 in tile and not lose business.

BUYER BEWARE and make sure to inspect each and every tile one by one if you decide to purchase. That is if the driver will wait while you break down the pallet, cut the packing and open all the boxes. My contractor thinks the forklift pierced the box and broke the tile through and through. They packed the broken box right in with the unbroken.

Oh, the offered me a discount on future purchases! NOT!

Monetary Loss: $65.

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I just changed my mind about buying tile from this company....thanks!


I just changed my mind about buying tile from this company....thanks!


I actually sent two very clear pictures with my original information!! One of the small hole and the broken tile.

Why are you saying that? You are misinforming people I have proof of the date and content of the email.


We strive to stand by every order that is shipped from our warehouse. This customer ordered material, recieved the material, and signed stating the material was in good condition.

After recieving the material, they did not contact us the next day, or the next week.

They contacted over 90 days later and did not submit any photos of damage, nothing. So we had to refuse her claim.

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